Current Activity

July 2015 update: 

  • We welcome Ms Shelly Dhaliwal to the role of Research Officer in NSW, following Luciano's departure to work on Clinical Trials. Shelly has a great deal of enthusiasm for research, and has added a bright and smiling face to our offices! You can read more about Shelly in the 'Research Staff' page. 
  • We also welcome Ms Louise MacLellan to the role of Clinical Research Coordinator in Victoria, following Sarah's departure also into Clinical Trials. Louise is already working on a range of projects within the Institute of Breathing and Sleep in the Victorian Spinal Cord Service, and is well loved by all who meet her. You can also read more about Louise in the 'Research Staff' page. 
  • Congratulations to Dr Lisa Sharwood, for the receipt of her grant from the University of Sydney's Medical School ECR grants scheme. She is undertaking a project that aims to use a Delphi Process to define by expert consensus, the best practice standards in the early phase of care for patients with traumatic spinal cord injury. 
  • We have been recruiting in NSW for 2 years now, and in Victoria for 18 months. We have over 220 patients in the study so far, and are following up with 6 and 12 months interviews. 


June 2014 update:

The study is about to reach some important milestones this month:


  • Sarah, our Research Officer in Victoria, has been working very hard, successfully obtaining site specific approvals for all the study sites in Victoria.
  • The web based database (being built by the eResearch team at the University of Melbourne) is up and running in Victoria for our collaborators at the Victorian Spinal Cord Registry, and very near being ready for testing for the Access to Care study.


January 2014 update:

  • We are delighted to welcome Ms Sarah Healy to the role of Clinical Research Liaison Officer in Victoria. Sarah has an extensive background in critical care nursing and clinical research. She comes to us from The Alfred Hospital, where she successfully managed clinical trials in the Haematology department for the past 7 years. She will be a great asset to the study, and we look forward to her starting at the end of January.
  • Luciano will undertake interview training with the Victorian State Trauma Registry team at the end of January also, as he prepares to commence the follow up interviews for the patients in the prospective study.


October 2013 update:

  • We have obtained lead ethics approval at Austin Hospital, and we are now submitting site specific applications to the Royal Melbourne Hospital and the Alfred in Victoria.
  • Interviews are under way for the Data Manager Analyst position in Victoria.
  • Recruitment is about to start for the position of Clinical Research Liaison Officer for the Victoria part of the project.


June 2013 update:

  • It has been a busy start of the year for us. Since the start of February, we have the NSW research team working together at our office at the Royal Rehabilitation Centre in Ryde, NSW.
  • We have successfully appointed all the site specific investigators for the NSW's sites, through which we will liaise for patient recruitment and screening.
  • We have been navigating through the different Research Government Offices' (RGO) rules and requirements for each of the Local Health Districts in Sydney, when applying for Site Specific Applications (SSA).
  • Site Specific Applications to all study sites in NSW have been submitted to their respective Local Health District's research governance office for review. We have obtained project approval thus far at the following sites:

    • Royal North Shore Hospital
    • Prince of Wales Hospital
    • Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
    • Royal Rehabilitation Centre
    • Liverpool Hospital
    • John Hunter Hospital
    • St George Hospital
    • St Vincent's Hospital
    • NSW Ambulance Service


January 2013 update: 

  • December 2012 saw the ethics approval achieved for the prospective study in NSW (Cancer Institute/Population Health HREC) – we are now working to appoint site specific investigators at all major trauma hospitals within the state, as well as Prince of Wales Hospital, New South Wales Ambulance and the Royal Rehabilitation Centre in Ryde… a tedious process… but certainly helped by:
  • the appointment of our new Research Officer – Luciano Melo.
  • Tracie, our biostatistician trainee has cleaned and started to analyse the large linked APOStLE dataset – for the retrospective cohort study in NSW – we are currently drafting the first 2 papers for this part of the study
  • With the engagement of Professor Richard Sinnott and his eResearch team at Melbourne University, we are working to sign off all relevant contracts etc – to commence building the web based database